Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Funny Face

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Try again Tuesday

This past Saturday we snook into Scarborough Faire Renaissances Festivale with Mike and our cousins Kirara and Rossetti from the Kiaton Empire! We waited until the main gates were almost empty. Empress is demonstrating her Kung Fu moves she is going to use on the guards if they try and stop our entry!

We got in safe and sound! No special moves required, we just hid under hoop skirts! No wonder our beans love this place so much! Just look at all the stuff to play with!
Ooo, me is a fine artist! Yea, sure...

The beans always talk about the incredible food here. Like you can get just about any thing on a stick; chicken, steak, macaroni and cheese, cheese cake, etc. I think Kirara and Mike found the BEST! Pass down the Fish Tacos!

Hehe we got to play dress up! Now we are "rennies" too. (biggify to get a good look)

Mike was very nice to take a picture of us with our momma's in one of the gardens! My momma is the one in gold and black.
After a fun filled day we sadly said goodbye to Mike. We made special arrangements to have him teleported straight from the faire grounds. We stuffed his bag full of temptations for the road and said he have to come back and visit again! Bye Bye Mike!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sneaky Monday

***Due to tecknical difficulties we can't post our pictures!!!*** We will post as soon as we can! ~Queen Snickers

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday's Outside Fun

Yes, I know it's Friday! However we had terrible storms Wednesday night and our power was out, or rather it was "rolling blackout". The power would not stay on longer then 5 minutes at a time and the network was down in any case. GRRRR

The day itself was pretty however! So Renna and I took Mike on an out door adventure in our backyard, where it is safe. It is not very pretty. But, I have told momma I want a nice garden back here. This is what I am kinda thinking about. Mike liked it, what do you think? Any suggestions for good kitty/puppy plants and/or no-no's?

Renna was a very good girl and chewed and her rope toy and NOT Mike! She has a great love for fluffy head, but usually they are in her mouth. :)
After a long play out in the yard Mike joined me on my porch throne for some relaxation and a bit of kibble!

Check out Fashion Friday later today with Me, Mike and Renna!!!...

Fashion Friday with Mike and Renna

Here is Renna's first Fashion Friday! She has a little shirt and I mean little XXS to be exact and it's still a little big for her. It keeps her from shivering though when she goes outside in the early morning or late evening. On walks people thing she is SUPER cute.

Sorry the tulips are blurry, she hasen't mastered the concept of "sit still". hehe
I have a simple pink polo today, I will have to come up with some ideas to cuten it up some. Maybe jewel it or add some nice accessories! I am eagerly awaiting payment here.
All my polo's have this cute paw print on the sleeve. They must be a designer brand!
Mike joined in for a SUPER fashion shot! He is wearing a PAWSOME striped polo with a pale yellow bow-tie. Very sheik!
Well, we are resting up for a big Saturday at the Ren faire and then Mike's off to another adventure. We will miss Publish Posthim. We have had a blast! We will post our Faire day on Monday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Words on Wednessday

I took Mike on a hello copter tour of Dallas so he could really see the sights! This is a great way to see our skyline. It is also beautiful at night. We also did something really fun and had a vintage postcard made of all of us!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday with Mike

We showed Mike our favorite place to hang out around the castle. When the blinds are open we can get great views of birdies and bugs and things. The bottom house is all Empress' place. She like to hide out there.

Some may not realize what great shopping there is in Dallas. In fact there is more shopping per bean then anywhere else in the USA! Not New York or Hollywood or Vegas can beat us there! So cool!! We also happen to be the home of Neiman Marcus! So of course being the fashionista I am, I had to take Mike on a little shopping trip. hehe Here we are in front of the Neiman Marcus flagship store in downtown.
We also went to the BEST cat store EVER! It's the Cat Connection. All of our food, even Renna's comes from here. We get toy, treat and litter here too!

Wow what a day! I guess I need to plan out tomorrow!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Late Monday: We have a visitor!!

Look who showed up this weekend!! It is Mike! He is the adventuring Fluffyhead from Gretchen's Paw Prattle. He also has his own blog where he tell about his travel adventures. He was supposed to come earlier this month but momma just not up to it like she thought for another kitty around here. We will have to jam pack some pawsome fun into this week while he's here!!

Even know we knew he'd arrive be teleport, it was still exciting to watch! Empress and I made him a Welcome Mike banner! We hope Mike has as great a time as I'm sure we will!

p.s. Sorry we have not posted or visited in a few days, we have internets issues and momma was getting her sister's baby shower put together for yesterday. She is back to limited day hunting now so hopefully we will start getting back to normal.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: I can blog with my eye's shut!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tuesday's Monday Meme and things

This was supposed to be a late Monday post but our internets went down. :(

I couldn't post today until momma got back from the bean V-E-T, she is doing good but the Dr. lady did say she was overdoing it a bit.

Renna scared everyone Saterday night. She was playing around a metal vanity chair and somehow got a leg caught in the swirling metal of one of the chair's legs. When daddy found her and got her free she cried and yelped and held her leg all funny. We thought it was broken! Momma and daddy took her to the ER V-E- T and it was all swollen up by the time they got there. They had to wait along time because of several trauma cases before them. They took inside flashy box pictures of Renna and YEA no breaks! Because she is still so young her ankle bones have not all grown and connected so it was just soft tissue damage, a sprained ankle. They could not give her an anti inflammatory med. though because she is both too young and to small. By Sunday some swelling was down and she was playing like nothing happened!
We got tagged for a meme by my handsome Jake and his bro and sis and PB& J.

Here's the rules:
Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

He speed up, and the floor disappeared from under his feet.
The light vanished. He was briefly and horribly aware of dry letters all around him, falling
with him.

Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

We will tag The Kiaton Empire, Mr. Hendrix, & anyone else who else wants to play!

We also received this wonderful award from Gretchen! She has been so preciouses taking care of her mommy we hope we can do as well! We are saving this award for a bit.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fashion Friday: Camo Cat

Thanks Mom for posting my Fashion Friday now that its practically over!

Anyway, this is my new pink camo polo! See the cute little paw print?
It would be great for hiding in a pink flower bed or among a flock of flamingos!
This was Targ├ęt find!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Updates


Updates from the Royal Household:

We don't have many pictures but I have been trying to get momma to help me post, (even if it's later in the day) and visit everyone! I give her guilty eyes and it seems to work. Momma has been doing better every day. She can walk and stuff and is cutting back on pain meds. We have had lots of cuddles and naps on the couch! That has been GREAT! She did have a minor setback this morning, she had a coughing fit that made her hurt so bad she could barely move. She is still hurting now and feels like she did days ago. I wish I knew how to fix her lunch so she did not have to get up today, as there is no one but us kitty nurses here. She is kinda upset about it because she was feeling almost normal.
Renna, while a cutie, is driving us a bit batty! She is a ball of energy and its all centered on chewing, mostly on momma. Momma got her puppy teething toys but they only do so much. She thinking hissing is funny! She has tried chewing on my tail TWICE!! I've whapped her on the head, but I swear she just giggles and comes back for more!

Me no being woofie chew toy! Me is hiding in da PTU!

nom nom nom bitey ARF ARF ARF

**From Momma Kimmy, Has anyone dealt with a teething puppy that won't stop chewing their beans? Any suggestions? Thanks!**

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Mommy! She has Mousie!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nurse Kitties

Today momma is at the hospital, she is having her surgery. She is not coming home tonight, maybe tomorrow. Daddy will be her all day but back tonight and Grandma bean will stay with her overnight. It will be a few days until we can blog again because we will be taking care of her. Our wonderful cousins Kirara and Rosettii at The Kiaton Empire will be posting updates on how momma's doing. Thank you for all your purrrrs! ~Queen Snickers, Empress & Momma Kimmi

p.s. They will also let you know how Renna's first trip to the V-E-T went!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday 13, Edition #17: Presents!!


We got lots of presents in the mail! This came last week.

1. Empress examined this beautifully wrapped package.
2. It is from Miss Allie Cat! It is our March Swap n' Tails!
3. We got the cool green Nip Turtle, Empress LUVS it.
4. I headed straight for the treats. YUMMY!
5. Momma got this cute coffee warmer and a pocket calendar that she needed badly!
6. My oh so wonderful Jake and his talented Momma sent me my photo book I bid on!

7. It is fantastic! Amazing! Momma was oooos and awwwws over it! Even Empress thought is was special!
8. There were also presents from their (PB & J) 100th Post contest!9. Look at all these goodies! Home grown nip too!
10. Nummy Numi tea for momma which she is having some today.
(she can't eat today only liquids for poor momma)
11. Oops sorry, Momma I didn't mean to roll on your tea!
12. Hehehe, Nippy nip momma filled Fifi the poodidel with the new nip!
13. Nipped Nip da nip NIP nip (do we have a nip problem?)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Goof Ball