Monday, September 15, 2008

Until We Meet at the Bridge

farwell Pixie

We just found out about dear Pixie, are hearts ache and our purrs go out to Daisey, and her Mommy and Daddy. We take comfort that she happy and healthy at the bridge. She was an inspiration to us, while my own heart issues are different her battle keeps me strong. Momma and I want to follow her example and educate other beans and kitties about heart disease.

Say not in grief that she is no more
but say in thankfulness that she was
A death is not the extinguishing of a light,
but the putting out of the lamp
because the dawn has come.

- Tagore


Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate momma's birthday with us! We are staring moving craziness! I think we have to move out of our house this weekend! EEK! But our new apartment will not be ready until October 3. AAAAH! What will we do? Live in a box? Momma said this whole thing makes her tummy hurt. Daddy said something about a hotel, I've never been in one of those. It sound's like the next few weeks are going to be quite an adventure. I don't know if we'll be able to post until we are in our new place or not so purrrrs for now! We love you kitties!!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Purthday Momma

Welcome to our tea party! Please com in and make yourselves at home!

We have special Catnip Tea as well as classic green and Chei tea.

We've pulled out Momma's special Willow Blue tea were! We have cream and sugar on the table, I can get honey if any one wants it. Our honey is pretty special it comes from Great Grandma beans farm! Cool Huh?

We have a ton of sushi so dig right in! The roe is especially delicious today!

I know this is a big cake but I didn't know who all would be here plus I wanted different favors for all the different friends who might come. The layers are tuna cream, beef bone, carrot, cheese, strawberry (momma's favorite) and of course ham.

Thank you for dropping by!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Surprise Party Tomorrow

Thanks Tybalt for the great idea! We are going to have a Japanese Tea Party tomorrow for Momma's purrthday. It will be ALL DAY LONG! We hope you can stop by for some Catnip Green Tea and sushi!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

With a sad heart...

We will miss you Texas.... until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mommy is blue?

She does not look blue to us, but that's her excuse for not helping us blog. She said some times beans just turn blue and even things they enjoy are hard to do. Things have been crazy and busy here. Momma has had to make a few more quick trips and there have been some days when all four of us have had to go sit in the big red wheel box for HOURS while some other beans look out our house. That was terrible! Momma said that was over because the last beans that came liked our house want to buy it. We have 3 weeks to pack. Momma said we are moving to an apartment. Daddy's job still has not given him an absolute positive on the transfer to Shreveport and if it is it won't be for another 2-3 months. This means we will be moving 2 or 3 times in the next year. Momma said she is going to pull her hair out. I hope she does not, I don't think she would look good bald. She has got to find a dayhunting job at the new apartment location, daddy's green papers just are not enough. This month will be very hard green paper wise, momma said we are using the plastic kind right now so we can have our stinky goodness and crunchies we like. May we ask for some purrs for momma? To add to every thing else she is having more comlications from her sergery a few months ago and had to go to the bean vet yesterday. If the procedures they did in the office didn't fix the problem it may mean another sergery. We should know in a few weeks. We do miss everyone. Maybe we can drag momma to the computer more often so we can catch up.

ps pssssst...Next Tuesday is momma's Purrrthday. We are having a surprise party for her to try and chear her up! Anyone got a good idea for a theme?