Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mommy is blue?

She does not look blue to us, but that's her excuse for not helping us blog. She said some times beans just turn blue and even things they enjoy are hard to do. Things have been crazy and busy here. Momma has had to make a few more quick trips and there have been some days when all four of us have had to go sit in the big red wheel box for HOURS while some other beans look out our house. That was terrible! Momma said that was over because the last beans that came liked our house want to buy it. We have 3 weeks to pack. Momma said we are moving to an apartment. Daddy's job still has not given him an absolute positive on the transfer to Shreveport and if it is it won't be for another 2-3 months. This means we will be moving 2 or 3 times in the next year. Momma said she is going to pull her hair out. I hope she does not, I don't think she would look good bald. She has got to find a dayhunting job at the new apartment location, daddy's green papers just are not enough. This month will be very hard green paper wise, momma said we are using the plastic kind right now so we can have our stinky goodness and crunchies we like. May we ask for some purrs for momma? To add to every thing else she is having more comlications from her sergery a few months ago and had to go to the bean vet yesterday. If the procedures they did in the office didn't fix the problem it may mean another sergery. We should know in a few weeks. We do miss everyone. Maybe we can drag momma to the computer more often so we can catch up.

ps pssssst...Next Tuesday is momma's Purrrthday. We are having a surprise party for her to try and chear her up! Anyone got a good idea for a theme?


PB 'n J said...

Oh my sweet Queen Snickers, nothing could ever make me forget you! Do not worry about me, you need to take care of your Momma. We're sorry that you have to move so much, I've had to do that (way before Pearl and Bert) and it's no fun!

We'll be purring that your Momma's case of the blues goes away as fast as possible, but our Mommy says it might take a bit since there's a lot going on for her. We'll be here when you have time, and happy to help out with the surprise party on Tuesday :-)

Purrs and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a stressful time you are all having. I'm sending you some purrs to help out. I hope things go ok with the packing and move and you can all be settled again soon.

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh oh oh we are sending lots and lots of purrss to your mommy!!! our mommy says that sometimes life is very hard and all the purrsss will help. we hopes that things calm down for you soon!!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Oh no!! We don't want your mom being unhappy at all. She's a very good mom- very unlike my Woman. Moving is hard, money is hard, its all tough stuff so we understand why she is blue. I hope things at least smooth out a bit.


Tybalt said...

Oh, your poor mom! My mommy gets that way sometimes, and she's having a hard time herself this week with worrying about money and classes and migraines and all of that fun stuff - but your mommy has WAY more to worry about than my mommy. We are all purring HARD for her so she won't be so blue.

Hmmm . . . How about a Japanese theme? You and Empress and Renna could wear pretty kimonos and we could have tea!

Happy early birthday to your mommy . . . I hope her very special day will cheer her up.

Unknown said...


We luv youz too cusinz!!!!! Kirara let me commentz today!!!! We think ya'll look like kiatons frum Dune in yur piktur!! Da SPICE must FLOW!!!!! hehehehehehe!!!

we're all sorry Auntie Kimmie iz bloo right now!!! tell her to cheer up, Momma sayz she can keep her extra stuff at Momma'z house!

you should make Auntie Kimmie dress up like a princess, that'll cheer her up... wait does that mean I gotta wear armor again? maybee that'z not such a gud idea then.....


Rossetti (and Kirara too I guess)

Sunny's Mommy said...

That's a lot for your Mama, and all of you, to go through. I hope once you're moved she will find a job quickly. That should relieve some of the stress. Big hugs and purrs for your Mama.


Queen Snickers
We are so sorry to hear about the "M" thing...we know how stressful that is on Mom's and Dad's. Momma hasn't moved since we all came to live with her and we all hope she doesn't ever move from here. We hopes that efurryfing will werk out wif dos green papers. We know dat is impawtant to Momma too. She am finkin about becomin a stay at home kitty momma and she is werried she won't have enuff green papers. But we will send healing purrs yur way and Hope hope hope yur Momma feels better...we missed yoo!


Mr. Echo said...

Those are lotsa reesuns to feel bloo, but yoo all stick together and yoo will git throo it. I send yoo sum extra purrs...

PB 'n J said...

We've got something on our bloggie today to help cheer you up (and not just the picture of Jake)!

The Furry Kids said...

(((hugs))) to your mom. Being blue sucks. Titus told us that moving kinda sucks, too. Him and the Dawg Who Came Before and Mama and Daddy used to have to drive around the neighborhood for hours, too, while people looked at the old house. We are purring and purraying for you guys. We hope things settle down soon.