Monday, December 31, 2007

Empress' Secret Paw is Dobby!

Wow so many presents fors me! Thay are froms my new friend Dobby. Me can'ts desides what to looks at first!

Pinks is my favorite color and me got lots of pinks toys! Dis bouncy toy was fun even by myself.
Da pinks woofie was fills wif nips, YUMMM. Me chewed and bunny kicks it alot!

Tank you Dobby!

ps Mommy is not as sickys anymore! She can have a fun News Year after alls. Tank you for your purrs and kind wishes.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Fashion Friday: Punkin in his Tie

My son Punkin got all dressed up for visitors!
He has quite a tie collection, this is his festive flower tie! He thinks it is cool to ware his tie crooked, kids these days!
Here he is looking cute by one of the Christmas trees!

Don't forget to see our Christmas pictures below!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Presents!!

Momma went to see her momma for Christmas and while she was there she gave my son Punkin his Christmas presents from me and Empress.

Isn't he lovely? He is a red macrel tabby. I've have a picture of him up once before showing of his football gear. He is a fashion kitty. He will be gracing tomorrow fashion Friday!

He loved Da Bird toy we gave him!

I would like to introduce Kitty Face! My youngest son. He is from my second litter. He is quite the big mancat now but I still call him my baby. His servant is my momma's sister who was also visiting her momma for Chistmas. They are expecting a baby bean so he will have a little burpy thing to play with in a few months.

He also liked his toy, momma thought it was funny she cought them in the same pose, you can tell they are brothers! haha

Momma and daddy came back Christmas night, so we got to open our presents.

We got a self heating blanket. It is awesome!

Cools mommy, me matches!~Empress

Our big present was this giant cat tree! We have had a blast with it!!!

We had socks too but that will have to wait for another day, you can see our reaction to our first snack of Temptations! Oh and sorry if we don't make our visits today Momma went and got sick, it took a lot of pestering to get her to do this! She is going to the doctor, maybe she will be better by tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wordy Wednessday: Snickers' Secret Paw

I got the best Secret Paw gifts from The Cats Stephens! Mommy kept pulling toy after toy out! I was being a good girl and let Empress play too! I even dressed up for the occasion.

The card is so funny with the mouseie on the cat head! Ha Ha!

I couldn't wait to see everything in my box! I smelled something yummy!

Greenies! My favorite! Wow, look at all the other goodies!

Every thing was fun to play with, but the furry puff balls are my favorite!

They were Empress's too!

**We have all kinds of Christmas pictures, even my two sons opening their presents. However my silly momma has lost the string that get the pictures out of the flashy box and they are stuck inside! Momma will search all day for it or will have to buy a new one tomorrow.**

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meowy Christmas

We wish you a Meowy Christmas and a Purrfect New Year! May Santa Paws bring you many catnip filled mice and tuna treats!

Queen Snickers and Empress

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fashion Friday: Christmas Dress

Yea! Christmas is almost here, and I love my new dress! Between the excitement of Christmas and the comfort of my new dress I just could hardly sit till for this fashion shoot! I love the big brass buttons on my dress.

Hey Momma, why are you taking a picture from up there? I'm down here!

You can really move is this outfit! See me dancing?

While running and playing in my new dress I did get in a bit of trouble. Daddy doesn't like it when I do this to his new toy.

**Oh, many kitties were puzzled why Empress wants a little woofie brother. She put that in there as a present for daddy who wants a woofie. Don't get us wrong, he loves kitties but seems to need a woofie buddy right now and momma wishes we could get him one. That will have to wait until we find a new home though.**

Friday Fantasy Gift Meme

DaisyMae Maus came up with a great meme called Friday Fantasy Gift. It is something you could never buy even if you had a squillion dollars. Here is my families fantasy:

Neuschwanstein Castle, (the castle of the Swan Knight) it is located in Germany in 1896 for Ludwig II. Neuschwanstein was designed by Christian Jank, a theatrical set designer, rather than an architect, which says much regarding Ludwig's intentions and explains much of the fantastical nature of the resulting building. If it looks familiar it should. Disney modeled Sleeping Beauties' Castle after it at Disney Land.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 13, Edition #7: Krismouse List

My Krismouse List

First me just want to say tank you sistor for letting me blog so much dis week and do anodor T13! Next me want to say whats a good girls me been, look what me did! Me cuddles next mommy on da chair so we can blogs togedor and me purr and purred for hers. Mommy was going to use a diforent picture for dis post but this happen while we was typing my T13, so she put it in instead.

1. Nip Candy Canes

2. New Cube/Tents (me put claw holes all in de othor ones)

3. Fev-ver butt mices/balls (ours are looking kinda bald butted)

4. Temptation, mommy you got Qpons and everyting!

5. Cat tree

6. Heated kitty bed

7. My own live pet fish (sistor has one!)

8. Fillet Minion

9. New collar

10. More movie time on the couch (Me is liking dat!)

11. My own blog??

12. A little woofie brother

13. More jingle balls to chase!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednessday: Ribbon

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tortie and Tabby Tuesday: Mail Call

Wow we have never had so much mail! There are beautiful Christmas cards with pictures here from Tybalt, Holly and Ivy and from Parker, Puff, Powder, Rudy and Diamond Doggy. We also got a really cool post card from Skeezix sent from Ireland!

Me loves reading dis card froms DaiseyMae Maus, Cocoa Puffs, Sparky Fusspants, Pumpkin, Lucky Charms and dair mommy. Thay also sends us qupons for Temptations and stinky goodness! We never has Temptations before so mommy is gonna get us some. We are going to shares some of da stinky goodness wif shelters kitties dat we've buys toys for already for Krismouse.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Family Update: Our JOY

My Momma wanted me to share these special events that happened at our home this weekend with all of you. I guess Empress getting those issues off her chest last Thursday did some good!

First, a little bit of history about Empress for those of who have not read her Caster profile. Empress's original breeder neglected to give her human contact as a kitten for some reason let her hide behind a boiler as the rest of her litter were adopted as show cats and pets. She had a nearly feral fear of humans when another breeder saw her and took her away from that situation. She bonded with that other breeders kitties and with a lot of work started to warm up to her and her young son. She was going to be their Egyptian Mau Queen, but her litter did not produce show kitties. Her new breeder mommy wanted her to be a pet in a home with lots of love and another kitty to play with, but because of her fear issues they were having trouble finding someone willing to take her. Then my Momma found her and she came to us. During the past few months momma has patently let Empress come to her in her own time. Momma has been able to pet her on the floor, but she never got in her lap. She has also kept at least a 10 foot radius from Daddy. That is until this weekend...

Friday night Momma and I were snuggle on the couch were Empress started meowing at us, so Momma said, "Come here." And she did! She ended up with her head in Momma's lap and I even licked her forehead. It made Momma go all leaky eyed. Momma even watch a "snowy" telethon for an hour because she didn't want to disturb us to change the channel. Daddy was late that night getting home so Momma went to bed before he got home. The next morning he told her he found Empress curled up with us on the bed and she let him pet her! Saturday morning we had a repeat cuddle experience on the couch. Then during the day Empress didn't run so much from Daddy. That night Mommy and Daddy sat down to watch a movie, I got in my normal spot, then Empress jumped up there like she had been doing it forever! Daddy was shocked and Momma got leaky eyed again. On Sunday she stopped running from Daddy all together and he got to pet her several times. He was thrilled. I even gave her some more forehead licks.

Sorry for such a wordy post but this was such big new for our family. That Empress finally feels that she belongs with us and that I don't mind is really amazing. Momma said she would try to get snuggly pictures soon.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fashion Friday: Hockey Jersey + Setting the Record Straight

I am styling a fashionable hockey jersey today!

I think I am going to join the Mouse Hockey league!

I think I am very good at batting around mices, and I would look cute doing it!

I hear professional hockey players get payed well!

**I have to set the record straight on a few issues after letting my "dear" sister blog yesterday. The reason she doesn't sleep with me and momma is she's still kinda scairt of daddy. The one night daddy was out of town she did come sleep on the end of the bed. That's not my fault!

As for the sock thing, mine's generic too. It is kitty generic, but doesn't say Queen Snickers or anything. Momma hasn't made a special one for me yet either.

I also can't help that momma likes salmon as much as I do so she cooks it more often. I see she forgot to mention momma brings she fillet mignon back when ever she and daddy go out for fancy dinner and its just for her.

I've been pretty decent sharing my special spots and all the toys (I gave her every one I didn't like and she liked them!)

If she wants to cuddle with momma she need only to go get in her lap! I'm sure she's can't wait for her to, as for cuddling with me... I still need more time. Maybe someday, I did let her lay near me under the tree just the other day.

As for the whapping, I have to make sure she knows who's the top kitty but need I remind you little sister that I only box your ears and the time you hit back you hit me in the eye so hard I had to get eye drops for a week? Well, I feel better. I guess I can share a bit more blog time but she did get two posts this week.

~Queen Snickers**

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday 13, Edition #6: Why Me Mad

Thurteen Wesons Why Me Mads at Me Sistor

1. She whaps me in da head all da time!

2. Me can't goes thru a doors first.

3. Her gets to sleep wif mommy.

4. She steal me toys.

5. She gets toes sits in da chairs by mommy when she on da computers.

6. Me can't cuddles wif her.

7. She get treats first or cries.

8. Me don't gets to blog nears as much, or comments to friends.

9. Me wants a pet fishes too!

10. Her has a whole basket a collars an me has 1 um, 2 but mommy hadn't fix it so me can ware it so it like 1.

11. Her has a special Krismouse sock and me don't, me have a ginarik one that was in da decoration box cus mommy no have time to make me one.

12. We gets more salmons den chickhens, salmons her favoret not mine.

13. Did me mention she whaps me alot?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Nips Is Good

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tortie Tuesday: Blogging By Myself

I've realized I will have to learn to blog by myself if I want to visit everyone's site everyday! Momma is just to busy working to help me.

I figured out how to turn everything on. Getting to the internet it easy, I love wireless! I can be anywhere!

It's just the typing that is posing some issues and this silly touch pad. Grrrrr!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I got my book!

My prize came in the mail this weekend. I tried to hide it from Momma but I think she saw it. I will wrap it anyway she will probably forget by Christmas.

Empress has to come see what I got, she is so nosy.

There was a beautiful Christmas card in my package too!

Thank you Kimo and Sabi so much!