Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday 13, Edition #2: All About EMPRESS


**Sisters lets me borrows bloggy for Thursday 13 to tell you all about me.**

1. I is a purebred Egyptian Mau

2. My coat color is called Bronze but is also called cool so it is nots the dark browny color. Mommy says it the color of champagne, whats ever that is.

3. My furdaddy was a champion named Amon Gold, and my furmommy was also a champion named Touch of Kats Cleokatra.

4. Lots of my furganddadys and furgandmas and furrelatives were champions and grand champions. I is very purrroud of them.

5. Before I come to lives wif my new family I lived in California ins a Savanna Cat cattery.

6. I's had one litter of kittens. They were very cute, but did not have the frootbat ears Maus is supposed to have. I guess mines is a bit on the smallish side too.

7. My cattery mommy wanted me to has a nice little family wif another kitty to play wif so she found my new mommy and that how I flews to Texas.

8. I luvs kittys very much cus I spent so much time wif all cats, beans sometimes scare me even mommy.

9. I purrrr and chortal whens I happy, mommy say I sounds likes a wild animal on Animal Planet.

10. I is a master theifs, I steels food and toys and even mommy's work keys out of purse once.

11. I has not figured out what mommy means by the strange word "NO".

12. I luvs to play tag.

13. Catnip is a wonderful thing.

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Sunny's Mommy said...

It's very nice of your sister to share her blog with you :-)

How did you steal your Mommy's keys out of her purse? Keys are heavy. I have to keep my purse shut because Ollie likes to take off with dollar bills from my purse.

Daisy said...

You sure are beautiful! I love your fancy champagne furs. My breeder said I was a "pet quality" cat. I think that means I got some things wrong with me, but I am still good for petting.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

You are very very beautiful! I have champions in my fambly too but I like just having a nice life at home. I know what NO means but I am very bad about paying attention to it. If I'm not making eye contact with the Lap Lady then it doesn't count.


Cheysuli said...

I see no reason to learn the meaning of the word no.

Christine and FAZ said...

I like tag and hide and seek. FAZ

p.s. I also agree about the nip.