Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are not deaded!

No we are not dead! We just have no internet! We are not even living with momma and daddy right now! Daddy got a job in Louisiana six months ago and had to go live in a hotel while momma tried to look for a day hunting place (the last one last 2 weeks, they where horrible beans and did not pay her) and try to sell the house. The house finally sold, and momma found a new day hunting job in Louisiana! It is almost where I was born! They got an apartment and the Renna mutt has moved there, but with all the craziness they thought we would be too stressed. We have been living with our beloved "Uncle Mike" who gives us stinky goodess, tuna and turkey legs every day! Momma thinks she and daddy will be able to come get us this weekend. We have been with out the internets for along time, we don't know when we will get more then peeks, so we'll see you when we see you!