Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday 13, Edition #3: Toys


These are our favorite toys. Empress helped demonstate some of them.

1. The Foxtail

2. RoboMouse (he giggles)

3. Some of the furry mice...the rest are in hiding.

4. The Feather Butt Mouse!! YEA

5. The Flopping Fish, he vibrates. Weird huh?

6. All kinds of chasing balls.

7. A beatup Feather Butt Ball!

8. The Squishy Eyeball, hehehe

9. The Mouse Race Track, the is Empress's favorite I get board with it.

10. Hanging, boingy giraffe feather tail thingy, umm yea thats what it is.

11. The Show Cat Wand

12. The CUBE!

13. I unfortunately do not have a picture of our all time favorite "DA BIRD" because daddy did such a good job hiding it last night momma could not find it this morning to take pictures and he is out of cell phone range on a job.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our toys you are welcome to come over and play anytime.

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Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

We have that exact same Robomousie in number 2. Sadly, we do not get to play with it much because of our woofie. Samwise thinks the mouse is his and will pick it up and walk off with it. We have told him again and again that woofies do not play with mice, that it is a kitty toy, but well - he's convinced he is a cat so he never listens!

Tybalt said...

The featherbutt mouse and the jingly balls are the best . . .ooooh . . .and the furry mice!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Those are all great toys!!

Daisy said...

I think the big eyeball looks like a fun toy! Because you can pretend he is watching you while you bite him.

Anonymous said...

Great Thursday post! I love Thursdays! All my favorite shows, Earl, Greys anatomy, ER, that means no laundry after 7:30! Have a great TT. Hope to see you over at my blog!


Anonymous said...

Chey grabs the feather butt ball and starts to growl loudly, pulling it back into her own home..

Christine and FAZ said...

Is that an eyeball I spy in one of those pictures? FAZ

The Meezers or Billy said...

know what I do wif our fev-ver butt ball? I pull the fev-ver part off and then hide the ball and eat the fev-vers.

Just Ducky said...

I never really cared for my robomouse. I like the little fevver butt mousies better. But all your toys are fun.

Artsy Catsy said...

Wowee, what an impressive collection of toys! But where's all the hair & lint & stuff on them from being batted under the furniture?

& the Artsy Catsy houseful

Tara said...

Those are great toys, we have many of them. The mouse race track is the BEST!


Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Can dat eyeball see da claws and teef coming at it?

Samantha & Mom said...

We have a red tent just like yours! I don't think we have met, we are Samantha 7 Tigger. You have some great toys and we love to play.
Your FL furiends,