Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Purthday Queen Snickers

Welcome All To My Sixth Purthday Party!!!
and Happy Halloween!

Snickers ToT
Thank you so much for coming to my purthday party! We have lots of goodies for you!

Please help your self to these nummy appetizers!

I love popcorn! It's both fun to eat and play with!!

Don't forget to get a drink! Our bartender (momma) has made up all kinds of special cocktails. There's Tuna Coladas, Mouse Slides and this super special Black Cat Niptini! Oh and milk of course for all you kittens in attendance. ;)
I know a common game this time of year is Bobbing for Apples but who wants to stick their head in a bucket of water?!? So I decided we could play Whap the Apple!

We have Halloween colored sushi! How kawaii! (hehe that means cute)

Empress: Oks you wedy to sings da purfday song?.....

Happy Purrfsday to you,
Happy Purrfsday to you,
Happy PUUUUURRRRfsday, dear Queens Snikorssssss,
Happy Purrfsdday toooooooooooo Youuuuuu!

Thank you so much for coming! Have a fun day and don't for get your treat bag!

Two Days in a Row!

My Turns!
Can you sees me? Yep dis is where I bees when every ones is playn in the greenspace. Me sits in da window an has to watch froms behind da screen. Mommy say Iz to jumpy to goes into da greenspace an cus me only lets her pick me up whens me sleepy Iz hasta stay in.

Yep, its kinda sad. The greenspace looks so fun! Sistors Sniker and Renna runs around an plays da tag an eats da greens. Me really wants to plays wif Renna we is become good friends. We play da tag inside an Iz suggles under her chin when me walks by. (She dat much taller den me now!) Me even kisses her when she sleeps! Me not kiss her when she wake though cus she to hyper!

Oh yes, tomorrow is sistor Snikers 6 purfday. We is having a little Halloweens party fors her! Peas feel free to twix or tweet!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So We're Back, I Hope :)

So, did you miss me?
Wow, we've been gone for along time! I just want to say THANK YOU to Skeezix who's super cute Halloween card came in the mail today and finally got momma out her blog funk!!
Things have been very stressful around here. We did not move after all. Yes, momma and daddy packed everything up (we played in all the boxes) and loaded a moving van and everything then on the way to our new apartment they got a message the deal on our house fell though. Lots of green papers line the litter box. Because of the move momma was waiting to find a new part time day hunting place. Now we are stuck in our old house, momma has no place to day hunt and the bills more then daddy makes. It was going to be so much better in our new place. Lots less green papers. Momma's put out some applications. So far nothing, one place may want her but not for a few months.
Sometimes momma, Renna and I go out and sit on the back porch. I think that helps her stress. She likes to read. It was very nice the other day when it was cloudy and sprinkling.

I enjoy it until Renna starts pestering me! Then I get a little hissed! Well I'm gonna try and keep momma motivated to blog! Especially sense my Purrrthday is Friday!!!